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COVID-19 Information

The current events surrounding COVID-19 are requiring some drastic changes to our OA meetings; many of our face to face meetings have temporarily turned into virtual meetings.

As of August 26, 2020, here is the most up to date meeting information for Greater Pittsburgh Intergroup; please send any additional information to You must call a meeting contact prior to attending in order to ensure that you have the most up to date meeting information.

If your group is having issues with meeting virtually, please see Meeting-Transition-Guidance.pdf for lots of helpful information.

Please note that there are many forms of electronic communication programs and apps and Overeaters Anonymous does not recommend or endorse any specific product. The names referenced here are just ones known to be used by some of our groups and members at this time.

Information for Free Conference Call Dot Com Meetings
Information for Zoom Meetings
7th Tradition Contributions during COVID-19
Welcoming Newcomers during COVID-19
COVID-19 Reopening Questions for Groups to Consider

Information for Free Conference Call Dot Com Meetings

Some cellphone providers block access to the numbers that meetings are using. If you can’t get through, please text “help” to the conference number and they’ll text you a re-route number to use.

Also, please plan on dialing in at least 10 minutes before the meeting starts, as there is a longer than normal lag between when you dial in and when you are connected due to the extraordinary number of people using conferencing services at this time. Please see the following message from
"We wanted to provide an update. Millions of people around the world are hitting phone carrier systems and the internet at levels never before seen. This has resulted in some people experiencing busy signals whether calling into a conference line or just trying to call friends and family. If you would like to help alleviate some of the strain here are some things you can do:
"Download the mobile app for iPhone or Android. This will give you the ability to call in over WiFi. Our app also has smart call routing so when you dial in using your phone we'll route you to carrier networks that have the most bandwidth."

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Information for Zoom Meetings

The following information is taken verbatim from a statement from the AA General Service Office in New York City regarding anonymity on Zoom meetings:


For Zoom users: With the rush to shift to online meetings, many of us did not take time to investigate what this meant to the spiritual foundation of our recovery – namely, anonymity. Now that online meetings are accessible, we want to pass on best practices for protecting anonymity.

These have been curated from the membership and online resources.

The default Zoom settings run counter to AA’s spiritual foundation of anonymity. The meetings are publicly accessible and full names and faces are often displayed. Additionally, by default all Zoom meetings are recorded to the cloud. Turning that feature off is simple, fortunately.

There are other settings in the Meeting subtab that can also be adjusted, such as disallowing remote control of devices, file transfer, data sharing with Zoom, and screen sharing.

Here are some suggested settings for your meeting to use. Please note that most, if not all, of the settings below are not the Zoom default:

Go to: Settings > Recording and click off the Local and Cloud recording features.

In the Zoom Settings section, under the Meeting subtab:

In the Zoom Settings section, under the Recording subtab:

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7th Tradition Contributions during COVID-19

Please consider the following regarding 7th Tradition contributions during COVID-19:
Our Seventh Tradition states that Overeaters Anonymous “ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” No fees or dues are required for membership. While our OA meetings are currently not meeting face-to-face, each should decide at a group conscience if the group's preference is for members to just put the money in the basket for the missed meetings once they're able to meet again face to face, if the group Treasurer is willing to collect money via some electronic mode (such as PayPal or other apps) or share his/her mailing address so that members can send checks or money orders, if the group members prefer to give individually directly to GPI, Region 7 & OA World Service at this time and add the group's number to those contributions, or whatever other solution a group may come up with. Please remember that GPI, Region 7 and OA's World Service Office have ongoing expenses and are continuing to carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer as best they can during this difficult time.
Information on making 7th Tradition contributions to GPI, Region 7 and WSO can be found at

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Welcoming Newcomers during COVID-19

OA's Responsibility Pledge states "Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible." Please consider ways that your group can make newcomers feel welcome during COVID-19.

At your next group conscience, ask if there are any members who would be willing to do a video call with a newcomer so that they have a face -- or faces! -- to put with some of the names and voices on the virtual meetings. Your group also may have members willing to meet in person with a newcomer should they request it. Make sure your meeting contact person or people have this information so that they can pass it onto any newcomers.

Please make sure that your meeting information (including contact information) is up to date and send any changes to

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Meeting List

GPI OA has about 40 meetings within our intergroup area.* Each meeting occurs weekly, is one hour long unless otherwise noted, and is non-smoking. Many meetings are wheelchair accessible; please confirm wheelchair access info with the meeting contact person before attending.

Please be sure to check out our Meeting Changes section to make sure you get the most up to date information.

Please note that there is no limit to how many meetings you can attend. Many members have found that attending more than one meeting a week has helped them to get and stay abstinent.

In accordance with our traditions, our meeting list is only to be used to find meetings, not for any solicitations or other purpose.

If you will be observing an OA meeting, we ask that you first read our Observers Etiquette.

If you can’t find a face-to-face meeting in your area, or need more meetings than your area offers, consider an online or telephone meeting. These meetings can be located at the appropriate link on the Find a Meeting page on the main OA website ( These are a great resource when face-to-face meetings can’t be found in your area, you find yourself homebound, or just you just need additional support. You can find some additional options on our Homebound Support page.


Meeting Changes

Please send any meeting changes or announcements to

The printed meeting list (the PDF on our website) comes out 4 times a year, in January, April, July, and October; changes must be received by the webmaster by December 15th, March 15th, June 15th, or September 15th.

Once meeting changes are captured on the printed meeting list (the PDF on our website), they will no longer be listed here.

If you'd like to start a new meeting, please see Start a New Meeting.

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Holiday Schedules

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and may not reflect current COVID-19 status. For meetings not listed here which meet on or near a given holiday, please call the meeting contact for details.

Please send any upcoming holiday meeting information to

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Meeting Anniversaries

We offer the following document to encourage our local meetings to celebrate their milestones, since we all love a good anniversary celebration! Any special events celebrating these anniversaries will be detailed on the Events page.

The dates given in the Meeting Anniversary Document are those provided by the World Service Office. If your group needs to correct any information, please contact the webmaster.

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Etiquette for Observers at OA Meetings (compiled by members of GPI OA)

The members of Greater Pittsburgh Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous welcome visitors to OPEN meetings. You may wish to attend to learn about OA to complete a school assignment, to expand your professional knowledge, or to support a loved one.

However, as per our Twelve Traditions, in particular tradition #6, Overeaters Anonymous does not affiliate in any way with outside organizations. Therefore, you may not attend any OA meeting for the purpose of recruiting people for any purpose, either for profit -- such as looking for new clients for your business -- or non profit -- such as looking for research study participants.

We ask that you observe the following courtesies:

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Start a New Meeting

If you're interested in starting a new meeting, please see the following links for helpful information:

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* The geographic area of Greater Pittsburgh intergroup consists of Southwestern PA (Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Venango, Washington, and Westmoreland counties), part of WV (Brooke, Hancock, Harrison, Marion, Marshall, Monongalia, and Ohio counties), and bordering portions of OH (western Belmont and Jefferson counties.)
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Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.

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