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All events listed here are hosted by GPI or groups within GPI. If your group is hosting an event you'd like us to list, please email us at webmaster@gpioa.org.

Suggested donations for all events are only suggested, they are not admission fees. If you can't afford the suggested donation, please give what you can. And remember, we'd love to see you, so if you can't pay, please don't stay away!

If you're looking for the monthly GPI Meeting schedule and other service related scheduling information, please see our Service Calendar.

If you're looking for events outside of GPI, please see the World Service Event Calendar (located on Facebook) or other regional websites

If the calendar below doesn't appear properly, please refresh the page.

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OA Holidays

OA Birthday

Third full weekend (Friday included) in January

Unity Day

Last Saturday in February in even years and last Sunday in February in odd years at 11:30 a.m. local time

Sponsorship Day

Third full weekend (Friday included) in August

International Day Experiencing Abstinence (IDEA)

Third full weekend (Friday included) in November

12th Step Within Day

December 12th

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Meeting Anniversaries

Everyone loves a good anniversary celebration! If your meeting would like to celebrate its anniversary with a special event, you can use the list below to help you plan.

The dates below are provided by WSO or the GPI database. Meetings marked by an asterisk (*) show a major discrepancy of several years to a decade or more between the dates provided by WSO & those in the GPI database. Please contact webmaster@gpioa.org if your meeting is able to clarify its starting date.

  • Sun 8:30a Swissvale
    January 1999
  • Sun 5p Pittsburgh-Shadyside
    * pre 1994 (WSO 1/14/2002)
  • Sun 6p Brentwood
    January 2001
  • Sun 7p Wexford
    September 1991
  • Mon 1:30p Mt Lebanon
    May 1980
  • Mon 7p Pittsburgh-Squirrel Hill
    March 2009
  • Mon 7p Sewickley
    * early to mid ‘80s (WSO 03/31/1992)
  • Mon 7:30p Brentwood
    * October 1975 (WSO 11/12/1985)
  • Mon 7:30p Lower Burrell
    September 11, 2006
  • Tue 10a Beaver
    May 1981
  • Tue 10a Zoom
    July 13, 2021
  • Tue 6p Monesson
    June 1978
  • Tue 6:30p Bellevue
    February 1997
  • Tue 7p Bedford
    August 2007
  • Tue 7p Plum Borough
    June 2013
  • Tue 7:15p Mt Lebanon
    June 1994
  • Wed 10a Pittsburgh-East Liberty
    July 2002
  • Wed 6:30p Sewickley
    November 2019
  • Wed 7p Greenfield
    February 2014
  • Wed 7:15p Franklin Park
    February 2018
  • Thu 10a Aspinwall
    October 4, 1984
  • Thu 6p Meadville
    February 2020
  • Thu 6p Pleasant Hills
    October 1994
  • Thu 7p Monroeville
    February 1990
  • Thu 7p Pittsburgh-Oakland
    June 1994
  • Thu 7p Wintersville, OH
    July 1979
  • Fri 12:30p Zoom
    July 3, 2020
  • Fri 5:45p Pittsburgh-East Liberty
    September 1998
  • Sat 9a Bellevue
    February 2001
  • Sat 9a Pittsburgh-Shadyside
    January 2003
  • Sat 9:30a Franklin
    August 1995
  • Sat 10a Johnstown
    *1980s (WSO 6/12/1996)
  • Sat 10a Monroeville
    June 1985
  • Sat 10:15a Wheeling, WV
    October 1998
  • Sat 10:30a Bridgeport, WV
    October 2016
  • Sat 10:30a Castle Shannon
    October 2003
  • Sat 10:30a Cranberry Township
    October 1998

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